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Living in San Diego my entire life, I grew up the last 20 years developing my career in a range of Real Estate specialties. I started as a General Contractor flipping homes in San Diego county from 2000-2005. Weeks after I got my license in 2006, I sold my first home for $1.7M and as they say, the rest is history. Fast forward to 2013, I fell in love with the distinctive architecture and was charmed by the historic neighborhood of Del Sur. It has since then become my area of expertise for well over 8 years, serving the community during open house functions over drinks and taco cart fares.

At The Goulart Group, I pride myself in setting up my clients for success. From optimizing the presentation of their homes, down to marketing and eventually getting that top dollar sale, I make sure these things are well-communicated and well executed. It takes a variety of skills and years of experience to discern what my clients want before they tell it themselves. Attentively listening to non-verbal cues is one of the greatest assets I possess that’s essential in delivering unmatched service to my clients.

The Goulart Group’s future looks forward to encompass dynamic growth towards achieving perennial business. To be a permanent fixture in the Del Sur neighborhood as your go-to guy on all Real Estate-related matters, I’m inclined to go up against the challenge to be the No. 1 Real Estate Agent in Del Sur. I strongly believe that we can attain that as long as we’re guided by these three founding principles: Problem-Solving, Being Client-Driven, and Doing the Right Thing.

My Achievements & Awards

2020 Recognized as an ICON Agent at Exp Realty

2019 Award for the Most Luxurious Home Sold at Exp Realty $5,100,000

2018-2020 Award Capper in Sales Production at Exp Realty

2017-2020 Recognition of Excellence Official Gold Award Winner from The San Diego Union Tribune

2013 Award for the Most Luxurious Home Sold at Del Mar Keller Williams $4,525,000

2010-2018 Award Capper in Sales Production at Del Mar Keller Williams

2008-2010 #1 Sales Agent at SD Real Estate

2008 Highest Sale in Company History at SD Real Estate $2,665,000

2006 Rookie of the Year at Torrey Pines Properties

2006 First Sale in Real Estate at $1,670,000 –Highest Sale in Company History at Torrey Pines Properties

My Founding Principles


I am solution-oriented in dealing with obstacles ahead. My decades of experience taught me to have the foresight to avoid pitfalls in the real estate process. My methods go beyond defining the problem and generating alternative solutions. I go my way out of implementing the best outcomes fit for my clients.


Understanding the needs and wants of my clients is a top priority.  Being empathetic towards them adds value in negotiating the best prices and terms on the table. 

Doing the Right Thing

Ensuring the safety, security, and overall satisfaction of my clients is one of my goals. I resolve to act and deliver only with good intentions through responsible marketing by providing accurate and factual information for my clients to make informed decisions.

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